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Some of our productivity and improvement services:

Time Study & Work Measurement

  • Establish the time and work content of operations at defined levels of performance.
  • PMC has expertise in implementing MOST and MODAPTS.
  • Reduced laborcosts.
  • Increase productivity.
  • Improved planning & scheduling

Simulation Modeling & Analysis

  • Mimics the operation of the actual system.
  • Statistical methods to capture the unpredictable variations and randomness.
  • Quantify ROI and Cost benefit analysis.
  • Evaluate operational decisions before actual implementation.
  • Identify bottlenecks, ascertain impact of changeovers and downtimes

Layout Planning & Optimization

  • Effective tools for complex plant layoutoptimization.
  • Supplement to discrete event simulation to allow fast, streamlined flow management.
  • Reduce WIP inventory.
  • Improved material flow, Increase productivity.
  • Improves layout, material handling & storage locations.


  • Asprova creates high speed production schedules for mutiple items and processes.
  • Fully integrates sales, manufacturing, inventory and purchase plans.
  • Compatible with many leading ERP systems.
  • Reduction in Inventory and Lead time.
  • Increased output and improved Customer Service.

CAD & Visualization

  • 3D Design and Engineering.
  • Visualization, Presentation and CAD Data Conversion.
  • Equipment Installation.
  • Clearly communicates design intent, completes final proposals with realistic 3D rendering.
  • Saves time, money and reduces errors with the dynamic engineering model.

Lean, TOC & 6 Sigma

  • Theory of Constraints provides the focus for Lean & Six Sigma Tools.
  • Lean provides solution for problems at the constraint.
  • Lean also ensures the problems will not return.
  • Six Sigma ensures quality, compliance and reduced variability.
  • Ensures high productivity, quality and improved process eliability.

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