Some Example Case Studies

Case Study #1

  • Objective: A leading Indian automobile manufacturing company wanted to simulate and analyze a complex power and free system that transports multiple car body types across production shops within a flexible manufacturing plant. The objective was to decide the optimal number of hangers in the system and fine tune the operational policies to maximize the throughput.
  • Approach: SIMUL8 Simulation Software was used to conduct the bottleneck analysis which revealed a congestion pattern in the critical closed loop system.
  • Conclusion: Optimal number of hangers along with specific rules for “lifts” and “drops” at critical points in the system reduced congestion and the desired output was achieved.

Case Study #2

  • Objective: A leading system integrator company in India wanted to simulate and analyze assembly line logistics system. The objective was to determine dynamic material handling requirements of assembly systems to achieve lean production i.e. to reduce inventory costs and space requirements; reduce material handling costs while supporting line production to avoid material shortages.
  • Approach: SIMUL8 Simulation Software was used to build generic simulation model of the assembly line logistics system to increase re-usability of model with minimum customizations for future changes in system.
  • Conclusion: Detailed analysis of key performance indicators, obtained from carefully designed simulation experiments, made it possible to identify improvement opportunities and strike balance between the conflicting objectives of no material stock-outs, low inventories, and high transport device utilization.

Simulation Modeling & Analysis

  • Objective: Verify the output and evaluate two different conveyor system designs for producing three different core assemblies.
  • Method: Simulation used to evaluate the conveyor system design, and for optimizing the number of pallets in systems, where the cost of pallets can be high.
  • Results: Selection of conveyor design resulted in savings of $600K and 30 pallets at an additional savings of $300K.

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