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What can SIMUL8 do for me?

Do you need to Reduce Costs or Maximize Efficiency? What if you could Eliminate Guesswork and Improve Future Performance? You can with SIMUL8.

  • Mimic the operation of your actual system.
  • Quantify ROI and Cost benefit analysis.
  • Apply statistical methods to capture the unpredictable variations and randomness of real life.
  • Evaluate operational decisions before actual implementation.
  • Identify bottlenecks, ascertain impact of changeovers and downtimes.

SIMUL8 in Asia

SIMUL8 Corporation has a worldwide business partner program, with one of our most experienced and well respected teams based in Nagpur, India.

Our representatives in India want to hear about your processes, your KPIs and your issues, and have the know-how to show you how SIMUL8 software, matched with their skills, can revolutionize your business. If you want to improve efficiency and make educated improvement decisions, contact our Indian office today.


SIMUL8 Success Stories

General Motors increased throughput by 5% using SIMUL8 without increasing costs.

For more than a decade HP have been using SIMUL8 to improve their production throughput.

Whitepaper on the performance of a complex power and conveyor system

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SIMUL8 Products

SIMUL8 Basic $1995
The simplest way to set up your simulations.
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SIMUL8 Professional $4995
Making the best even better, this is the benchmark for fast, flexible simulation modeling. Be professional.
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SIMUL8 Education $1995
Teach simulation in one hour with a site license for SIMUL8 software and free learning resources.
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Latest News

The International Simulation Conference of India (ISCI) is the first of its kind international forum in India for sharing and spreading recent developments in the field of discrete event simulation. This initiative has been undertaken by PMC in association with Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

ISCI provides a meeting place for software vendors, simulation engineers, and researchers from industry as well as academia. This three day conference scheduled in Mumbai from February 2-4, 2012 will enable participants to get trained on simulation methodology, discuss research ideas, share successful case studies, and review advancements in the related areas.

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